Vision & Values

At BEND Orthopaedics, our purpose is to improve the health of our patients so they can live their best lives.

We have over 13 years experience in providing optimal lower limb orthopaedic care in a private practice setting.  Dr Cooke is subspecialty trained in hip and knee replacement surgery and in the management of lower limb orthopaedic trauma and its sequellae.  Additionally, he has undertaken significant further training in the direct anterior approach to hip replacement surgery (for more details, click here) and continues to both attend and present at orthopaedic conferences in Australia and around the world.

The team at BEND Orthopaedics works hard to assist our patients in their orthopaedic health journey and we pride ourselves on our personable and friendly approach to all patients and their families.

We offer appointments at a range of locations and across different days and times of the week so that we may offer you an appointment time that best suits you.