Sports Knee Conditions

Dr Cameron Cooke treats all sports injuries involving any part of the lower limb – knees, ankles as well as hips.  The most common sports injuries involve the knee ligaments or meniscus which may require either cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery or arthroscopic knee surgery.

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major stabilizing ligaments in the knee.  It is a strong rope-like structure located in the centre of the knee running from the femur to the tibia.  Unfortunately, when this ligament tears, it usually doesn’t heal and often leads to the feeling of instability in the knee.

ACL reconstruction is a commonly performed surgical procedure and with recent advances in arthroscopic surgery, it can now be performed with minimal incisions and low complication rates.

Knee arthroscopy involves the insertion of a camera inside the knee through a small incision. The inside of the knee can then be visualised on a monitor and instruments can be introduced to perform corrective surgery, such as resection of the torn meniscus.